Barker's Doggie Day Care

Offering K9 socialisation, Dog Day Care and Puppy Training Classes in Weston-Super-Mare!  

Barker's Doggie Day Care

Barker's Doggie Day Care is a fantastic place just for dogs! Located just outside Weston-super-Mare, we are a small, but dedicated team so far, all with a deep love of canines. 

We understand that all dogs are individuals, each with their own needs and we strive to cater accordingly by offering as personal a service as we are able.

Please browse our website to find out more about our business, where our passion comes from and the service we may be able to offer you.

After running our dog walking business "Happy Paws" for over 3 years in the area, we decided to set up our own daycare business in order to provide better care for people's much loved pets. The purpose our daycare serves can vary for each customer as some use us to help build and maintain good social skills for their dog or puppy from a young age, whereas others may need us to provide company for their dog during the day, whether they are working or have other commitments, such as hospital or doctors appointments. Some also use our services to provide extra stimulation and exercise for their dog, possibly beyond what they may be able to provide, again possibly due to work commitments or health issues.

Our day care centre is a large unit which we have divided into three good sized areas to ensure that we can mix the dogs how we feel best according to age, activity level or size. Each of these pens are fully equipped with comfortable sofas to give the centre a more homely feel as well as helping to keep the dogs off of the hard floor when they want to relax. Each pen also has it's own outside area which the dogs can access freely at their own leisure. We also have a central puppy area as, although they mix well with the other dogs, puppies have a bad habit of not knowing when to stop. By separating them from the older dogs at regular intervals, we can ensure that your pup's experiences remain positive and therefore much more enjoyable.

We always strive to deliver great service that we're sure you will love as well as competitive prices.

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