Barker's Doggie Day Care

Offering K9 socialisation, Dog Day Care and Puppy Training Classes in Weston-Super-Mare!  

Puppy Classes

**Introductory offer!!! Only £45.00 for the 7 week course which includes a home visit! Limited spaces.**
Puppy classes are an excellent way to start your journey with your puppy. Our Classes are a 7 week course run by Gabby Barker, with the first session held on a 1-1 basis in your home and subsequent classes held at our day care centre on a Saturday morning. Classes are for puppies who have had their vaccinations and are under 20 weeks old.
The 1-1 session helps us to tailor classes to individual needs and get to know the puppies in their home environment. We do this for the puppies benefit and, as with everything we do at our day care centre, to reduce unnecessary stress.
The class environment also benefits the puppies greatly as they have the opportunity to learn around distractions, enhancing their ability to focus in different situations other than just in the home and garden, better preparing them for the outside world. The puppies will also have the opportunity to meet the other puppies on the course and learn how to best interact with them.
These classes will be fast paced and exciting for the puppies whilst also allowing them to learn in their own time. By participating in classes together you can also expect to gain more of an insight into how your puppy is likely to see the world and gain a respect for each other through the learning process.
For more information on dates and times of upcoming courses or for general enquiries please email: [email protected] or call Gabby on 07770 242262 or 01934 750090